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Saario, Jari

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Kauppalehti - Finland | 22/05/2013

EU must smash oil cartels

Investigators of the EU Commission carried out raids last week on several oil companies suspected of price fixing. The business paper Kauppalehti demands a clampdown: "The price cartel has presumably existed since 2002. If over 80 million barrels of oil are produced daily, a mark-up of just a couple of cents means several million dollars in additional revenues each day. The Commission can sentence the companies to huge fines, but that alone is not enough. The entire corrupt pricing mechanism must be revamped. And it must be seen to that such unfair practices aren't reintroduced later on. Those who pay for this fraud, the consumers, needn't count on getting compensation. But it would be some consolation to know that they don't pump additional euros into the cartel gamblers' pockets every time they tank up on petrol."

Kauppalehti - Finland | 10/04/2013

Only growth can save Portugal

Portugal must rethink its ruthless austerity policy if it wants to emerge from the recession, the business paper Kauppalehti urges: "An extremely harsh austerity policy will nip any growth in the bud. And huge tax hikes won't provide the treasury with any relief either. Because if the people don't believe the future will bring better prospects, the recession spiral will continue. The hefty cuts [announced by Portugal's Prime Minister Passos Coelho] among other things in education are very short-sighted. If you save money on education, you can't expect the country to have qualified workers in the future. But now, from the ranks of the government, in addition to the talk of orthodox austerity policy we're also hearing voices espousing the ideas of Paul Krugman: if you believe the newspapers, a large incentive programme aimed at reviving Portugal's growth is now in the offing. Only growth can save Portugal. The times of living on credit are over, but you don't get very far on cuts alone."

Kauppalehti - Finland | 27/03/2013

High living costs scare away companies

The Finnish government announced last week that it is lowering the corporate tax from 24.5 percent to 20 percent. But this won't be enough to lure foreign companies into the country, business paper Kauppalehti fears: "Finland's biggest problem when it comes to attracting more companies is the intolerably high cost of living. Both buying one's own home and living in rented accommodation are extremely expensive in Finland. The rental market is so inefficient that it is hindering employment in the region surrounding the capital, while the food prices are the highest in Europe. This hurts, whether you work for a Finnish or a foreign company. ... Finland is already 20 percent more expensive than the other euro countries, not to mention Asia and the Baltic states. Only few companies debating where to set up their headquarters are willing to pay these extra costs - regardless of how high the corporate tax is."

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