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Rumenov, Kalin

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 06/01/2016

Merkel to blame for assaults

The sexual assaults against women on New Year's Eve are a consequence of Germany's liberal refugee policy, the daily Novinar writes: "No woman deserves to become the quarry of Africans and Arabs. But was it not a woman who opened the hunting season? Angela Merkel has become the symbol of liberal naivety. She can't understand that her 'Welcome Refugees' song ends badly. ... We must avoid inciting hatred against refugees, we must carefully weigh our words and not insult the African and Arab men who are seeking a better life, people are saying. If that is really the case then we should buy flowers for our women, get down on our knees and say: 'We're sorry that in these hard times you have to live together with such men in Europe.' But if our women have their hearts in the right place they'll never forgive us as long as we don't first clean up our own back yards."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 21/05/2014

Bulgarians would vote for communism

In their campaigns for the European elections Bulgaria's politicians are appealing to the nostalgia many Bulgarians feel for the communist era, the daily Novinar notes, and explains why: "One of the campaign slogans promises jobs through re-industrialisation. ... Another slogan has swapped the concept of 'fraternity' [among the communist nations] for 'money from European taxpayers' to convince the people to feel obliged to someone because he shares his bread with them so they have something to eat. ... There's probably a secret study that shows that we would re-elect Todor Zhivkov [the Bulgarian head of state from 1954 to 1989] any time out of pure nostalgia. And we do this every time, albeit unconsciously, by promising ourselves things that we once had and that evidently we now sorely miss."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 09/05/2012

Only lawsuits can help against Roma discrimination

A Bulgarian student has brought a discrimination lawsuit against Sofia's suburban transport services. He accuses them of systematically allowing Roma to travel without paying for their tickets while everyone else is forced to pay fines. The daily Novinar compares the student, Plamen Ivanov, with American civil rights activist Rosa Parks: "Her black brothers and sisters boycotted buses and trains and went by foot until they achieved their goal of equal rights. We needn't fool ourselves that we are capable of such feats. We could flood the state with lawsuits until skin colour is no longer a feature that lessens guilt or prevents it. … Bulgaria's Rosa is probably the most civilised answer to the question of what to do with our Roma and how to integrate them. We all know the formula 'Equal rights, equal obligations' in theory. What we need now is a new solution for putting it into practice. And we must persevere to the end. And once we've reached our goal we shouldn't forget to thank the trailblazer Plamen Ivanov. Well done, boy!"

Novinar - Bulgaria | 01/02/2012

Acta comes far too late

Tens of thousands of people are protesting around the world against the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Acta, in which 22 EU states have been involved since January 26. The protesters view the agreement as an attack on Internet freedom. But in fact they just want to go on stealing copyrighted material from the Internet with impunity, writes the daily Novinar: "The fact that copyrights are trodden underfoot day in day out on the Internet is not a shining achievement of Internet freedom, but one of its flaws. Although up to now we may have been thankful in private for the era of unpunished piracy, we never seriously believed it would last forever. In fact we must even admit that Acta comes a little late. And even if the devil really is in the detail, there's no getting around the basic idea: you can bicker all you want about what theft is, but not about whether it's forbidden."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 21/09/2011

Kalin Rumenov wants a better life without the Roma

If the Bulgarians were freed of the social burden represented by the Roma their pensions would finally be sufficient for them to live on, writes columnist Kalin Rumenov in the daily Novinar. On the occasion of Bulgaria's Independence Day today he recalls the proposal of far-right Slovak politician Ján Slota, who wanted to give the Roma their own state: "In principle this would be like when a child who has come of age moves out of the parents' home. This person now has all the civil rights and is old enough to manage his or her own life. If, however, as an adult you stay at home living off your parents you become one of the Kippers [Kids In Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings]. That's what the British call an entire generation of young adults who still live at home and scrounge off their parents, using up their retirement savings. ... We Eastern Europeans simply call this generation gypsies. We have spent a lot of money on them and all we've got in return is bad prospects for our retirement. But because we all get old one day it would be good to put aside some savings. However we can't do this as long as there are too many people sitting at the table."

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