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Rossignol, Christophe

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Le Monde - France | 01/09/2008

The campaign against wind energy

Jean-Vincent Placé, Green politician and chairman of the national association of elected representatives for the promotion of clean energy (FNEPPEP) and FNEPPEP general secretary Christophe Rossinol criticise a political campaign being led in France against wind energy: "The opponents of wind energy are often closely allied with the nuclear lobby. They spend huge amounts of money in an effort to halt the fragile dynamic of wind energy, although the general public stands firmly behind it. ... While the authorities in Germany set much store by renewable energies, in France influential members of parliament are energetically trying to stop wind energy. ... In this destabilisation campaign based on the most barmy of rumours, the saddest one of all in this year of the French European Council presidency is Monsieur Giscard d'Estaing's denunciation of a 'German-Danish wind energy lobby'. Faced with this gale force lunacy we should remember that France has set itself the goal of producing 21 percent of its power consumption through renewable energies by 2010. ... Considering the climatic challenges facing us, it is up to France to set a good example."

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