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Romac, Denis

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1.  Novi list - Croatia | 18/01/2016

EU punishing Croatia for humane refugee policy

At the start of this week Austria and Slovenia announced plans to step up measures to turn back refugees who stand little chance of remaining ... » more

2.  Novi list - Croatia | 15/01/2016

Europe needs Poland

The centre-left daily Novi List explains all that is at stake for Europe in the controversy with Poland: "Europe must not lose Poland. And that's ... » more

3.  Novi list - Croatia | 15/12/2015

Slovenians oppose barbed wire fence

The building of a barbed wire barrier on Slovenia's border with Croatia to prevent refugees from entering the country continues. The centre-left daily Novi list ... » more

4.  Novi list - Croatia | 28/08/2015

EU lacks solidarity as a fundamental value

Disappointment at the EU's lack of solidarity with the refugees is the centre-left daily Novi List's reaction to the situation: "The main problem is that ... » more

5.  Novi list - Croatia | 15/05/2015

Belgrade ruling bolsters nationalists

A court in Belgrade on Thursday rehabilitated the Serb nationalist and former leader of the Chetniks in World War II Draža Mihajlović, who was executed ... » more

6.  Novi list - Croatia | 30/01/2015

Auschwitz misused by revisionists

The Auschwitz commemoration ceremony was turned into a revanchist battlefield as a result of the Ukraine conflict, the left-liberal daily Novi List criticises: "In contrast ... » more

7.  Novi list - Croatia | 05/12/2014

South Stream shows EU's double standards

The South Stream project, whose cancellation Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday in Turkey, threatens to cause huge financial losses for the countries involved. ... » more

8.  Novi list - Croatia | 10/10/2014

Bratušek stumbles not only over incompetence

The Slovenian Alenka Bratušek withdrew her candidacy for the post of European Commissioner on Thursday after failing to convince the MEPs in her European Parliament ... » more

9.  Novi list - Croatia | 29/08/2014

Germany leading the Balkans into the EU

At the Conference of Western Balkan States German Chancellor Angela Merkely stressed the "European perspectives" of the former Yugoslavian states but warned that they must ... » more

10.  Novi list - Croatia | 27/08/2014

Croatia insisting on pointless bridge

At the Berlin Conference of Western Balkan States, Croatia plans to make its approval for construction of a section of motorway along the coast of ... » more


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