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Rodríguez García, Isabel

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Público - Spain | 02/10/2015

Spain's recovery just numbers

Spain's purported recovery is just the government playing with numbers, Isabel Rodríguez García comments irately in the left-wing online paper Público: "It can't be about economic recovery at any cost. Either the recovery goes hand in hand with social recovery or it isn't recovery at all. Mariano Rajoy and Co. are looking in the wrong direction. It looks like the statistics are hiding the reality, or worse still, the government is trying to conceal its political failure with numbers. A recent OECD report provides a balanced assessment of government's labour market reform. … Spain has the largest percentage of young people working part-time involuntarily. … Wages dropped by 35 percent between 2008 and 2014. … Particularly worrying is the warning that this kind of 'sub-employment' is affecting the self-esteem of low earners and increasing the risk of poverty."

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