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Robertson, George

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The Times - United Kingdom | 12/06/2008

The reform of multinational institutions

George Robertson, former NATO Secretary General, and Paddy Ashdown, ex-High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, write in the British daily about the security risks of a globalised world: "We need a new era of multinational institution-building, and a deepened level of security and defence collaboration inside the EU. ... There is clearly a need for the Security Council to be reformed, to bring in new permanent members such as India, Brazil and South Africa. ... The UN needs to be seen more as an important conferrer of legitimacy on international action, rather than always as the implementer of action itself. Beyond the UN, we need a new era of treaty-based action. ... Examples here include the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the International Criminal Court and a post-Kyoto climate change framework. ... In Europe there is no area of threat that could not be more effectively addressed through deeper collaborative effort."

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