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Riedel, Annette

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Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 02/12/2015

Nato's signals not really contradictory

Nato wants to include Montenegro despite protests from Russia, while at the same time reactivating the Nato-Russia Council, Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has announced. These signals in fact fit in with each other, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk writes: "Nato cannot allow third parties, even important third parties like the Russian president, to dictate whom it should invite to join the alliance. … International law recognised the right of each state to choose which alliances it wants to belong to. … The message [to the Kremlin] is: we want more contact so that military misunderstandings can't escalate into catastrophic chain reactions. And also because we need you as a strategic partner on the international stage. The efforts to revive the Nato-Russia Council could help achieve this. Neverthless despite an overwhelming desire for cooperation we won't allow the Kremlin to dictate our agenda, even regarding Syria."

Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 17/12/2014

Palestine and Israel must do their bit

The European Parliament voted on Wednesday to recognise an independent Palestinian state but only if the peace talks between Palestine and Israel are resumed. Several national European parliaments have already recognised Palestine's statehood. The resolution correctly formulates what both sides need to contribute, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk comments: "It could have been detrimental if the EU Parliament had recognised Palestine without stipulating any conditions. A Palestine partly governed by Hamas, a group which has enshrined the annihilation of the state of Israel in its statutes. ... What is right and important is that it stresses both Israel's right to exist and its duty to refrain from measures that could torpedo the goal of enduring and sustainable peace, so unforeseeable at this point in time. Measures such as the unbridled construction of new settlements."

Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 14/11/2013

Explaining EU helps fight pied pipers

The new right-wing alliance is nothing to panic about, but to reduce the risk it poses EU advocates must bring Europe closer to its citizens, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk reasons: "We should be alarmed because these forces are growing stronger. That makes all those who want to shape Europe weaker. ... But we can rest assured that ultimately there must always be a fair amount of balancing of national interests when different individuals from different parties and different countries want to form a faction [in the European Parliament]. ... However with 'alarmed calm' the MEPs, candidates, governments, and EU commissioners should grasp the following: if they don't manage to make the EU and its actions more transparent and if they can't manage to gain the people's approval for its decisions, no one need be surprised when nationalist pied pipers have an easy time gaining support all over Europe."

Deutschlandradio Kultur - Germany | 28/05/2013

EU can't be counted on internationally

The EU must find a common line for its Syria policy, public radio broadcaster Deutschlandradio Kultur comments, pointing out that its current lack of unity is sending a disastrous message to the international community and Syrian dictator Assad: "He and those like him can count on the EU always being too divided on foreign policy to be capable of acting. … The EU can't be relied on when it comes to issues of international import. This was also the case with the most recent round of global climate negotiations. Precisely in the areas where the EU needs to use its full clout to be a genuine global power factor, it shows a lack of the ability to compromise for which in internal affairs it is famous in a positive - and less positive sense."

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