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Rhodes, Anna

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 19/01/2016

Mandatory English classes for migrant women a good idea

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to make English courses for migrant women mandatory and if they fail the test after two and a half years they would face deportation. The centre-left daily The Independent finds the public outcry in response to Cameron's plan incomprehensible: "Being able to speak the language of the country in which you inhabit is a basic principle and expectation: not only is it a show of respect to the society in which you have settled, but it allows you to fully integrate yourself into said society, and further contribute to its culture. Women should never be trapped in subcultures simply because they lack access to the skills to get out. ... Deportation after a period of time if you do not learn the language is a harsh, but effective, way to ensure that people are gaining the skills that they require to live and contribute to British society."

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