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Redaelli, Riccardo

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1.  Avvenire - Italy | 29/01/2015

Al-Qaeda highlights IS's ideological weakness

The Yemeni al-Qaeda offshoot AQAP has taken responsibility for the attack on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. With its activities al-Qaeda is not only ... » more

2.  Avvenire - Italy | 13/08/2014

Protect Iraq from Maliki

Iraq's president has tasked deputy speaker Haider al-Abadi with forming a new government. Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq's incumbent prime minister, has fiercely criticised the move. Maliki ... » more

3.  Avvenire - Italy | 24/06/2014

The tempting dream of a caliphate

US Secretary of State John Kerry called on Monday in Baghdad for unity in the fight against the Isil militia and stressed that the US ... » more

4.  Avvenire - Italy | 28/01/2014

Tunisia's lesson for the Arab world

Three years after the revolution, Tunisia's caretaker parliament approved a new constitution on Sunday, freeing the way for the elections planned for this year. Tunisia ... » more

5.  Avvenire - Italy | 13/08/2013

Iraq and Syria trapped in al-Qaeda network

More than 80 people were killed in a wave of bombings carried out in Iraq as the month of fasting, Ramadan, drew to an end. ... » more

6.  Avvenire - Italy | 11/04/2011

Egypt's problems with democracy

The most violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces since the fall of the long-standing ruler Hosni Mubarak took place at Tahir Square in Cairo ... » more


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