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Raspudić, Nino

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Večernji list - Croatia | 24/04/2015

Europe must not make compromises

Europe continues to avoid taking clear decisions on the refugee issue, the conservative daily Večernji List criticises: "We have to decide on a basic, radical solution. Either we follow the advice of Pope Francis and become radical Christians, show solidarity, take in refugees and share what we have with them unconditionally. Or we isolate ourselves and erect walls of barbed wire, as the US has done to Mexico and Israel to Palestine. If we take the latter approach, the European values that have prevailed until now will have to be redefined. But there is no third path. All compromises between these extremes will only wash up thousands of corpses on our shores."

Večernji list - Croatia | 13/03/2015

Croatian judiciary doing politics

Milan Bandić, the mayor of Zagreb who is being prosecuted on corruption charges, was taken into custody again on Tuesday for allegedly breaching the terms of his bail. This reeks of the political manipulation typical of Croatia's courts, the conservative daily Večernji List criticises: "The politicians always interfere with the judiciary when they feel strong and powerful. The judiciary, on the other hand, determines the political scenario when the politicians are weak, vulnerable and open to bribery. This seems to be the case today. ... And that's the way it has been since the communist era. Most of the public prosecutors and judges in office today date back to the times when the words of the life-long ruler [Josip Broz Tito] were regarded as the greatest achievements in legal thought: 'I only recognise the court of my party.' Or also: 'You don't have to cling to rules like a drunkard clinging to a lamppost.'"

Večernji list - Croatia | 20/06/2014

Utopias come true during the World Cup

During a World Cup football is not just the most wonderful but also the most important thing in the world, the conservative daily Vecernji List argues, seeing the potential for the event to change society a little: "The World Cup is a tiny reflection of our planet Earth, which consists of different continents, nations, languages, traditions and styles. ... In a rational world in which all the roles are clearly allocated, the World Cup gives us a taste of a limited positive irrationality. Anything is possible, and different people all play under the same rules; only talent and fate decide the outcome. A month of collective enthrallment won't solve all our problems - but it won't aggravate them either. However, perhaps this brief submersion in the daydream of a different, symbolic world will help us to see the 'real' world with different eyes when we awaken."

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