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Rajtschew, Andrej

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Deutsche Welle - Bulgaria | 12/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: No to a Balkan buffer zone

If the rich EU countries decide to close their borders to refugees, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia could unwillingly become a buffer zone for people fleeing their home country, sociologist Andrey Raychev warns in an interview with the Bulgarian service of the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle: "One day Europe could come along and say: We want to concentrate the refugee camps in these four countries, and process asylum applications there. That would turn us into second-class EU member states. This is a real danger because it would be the easiest solution. Europe could decide in favour of two buffer zones: first Turkey then these four countries. If Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia want to avoid this danger, they must be careful and completely rethink their political relations with each other and the EU. Because once the buffer zone has been set up it will be there for decades to come."

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