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Rajcsányi, Gellért

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Mandiner - Hungary | 04/01/2016

Visegrád four on the advance

Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, who together form the Visegrád group founded in 1991, have put together a 3,700-solder EU rapid reaction force for the first time at the start of the year. 2016 could be the year of the V4, commentator Gellért Rajcsányi writes on opinion portal Mandiner: "Let's take a look at a few key figures that show the size and strength of the V4 vis-à-vis Europe's leading countries. We can see the following: with a total surface area of 533,000 square kilometres the V4 are second behind France; with a total population of around 64 million they have the fourth largest population in Europe; with a GDP of 1.760 billion dollars they are the fifth largest economic entity in the EU - putting them almost on par with Russia in terms of economic power! … So let 2016 be the year of V4 cooperation!"

Mandiner - Hungary | 04/09/2015

Driven by a false idea of Europe

The refugees that are currently on their way from Hungary to Germany have a completely idealised picture of Europe in their heads, writes journalist Gellért Rajcsányi on opinion portal Mandiner: "An early September afternoon: a turquoise sky, glaring sunshine, the blue Danube and the beautiful panorama of Budapest in the background. But this perfect moment is suddenly disturbed by the drama the world is experiencing right now: the wave of refugees that is heading towards the heart of Europe. … A long line of refugees marches past me on Eliszabeth Bridge. They are on their way to an imaginary, dream Europe. A Europe that in reality doesn't have a clue what to do with them. But this Europe doesn't have the courage to admit this to either itself or the migrants."

Mandiner - Hungary | 08/12/2014

Government drug tests insult young Hungarians

Hungary's right-wing conservative ruling party Fidesz proposed on Monday that all politicians, journalists and schoolchildren aged 12 and above should be tested for drug consumption in future. Putting teenagers under general suspicion is scandalous, journalist Gellért Rajcsányi writes on opinion portal Mandiner: "What really got me angry is the compulsory drug tests for children. This will generate an avalanche of public outrage in the next few days. ... If I had a 12-year-old child, innocent and artless and brought up in a loving and trusting atmosphere and I heard on the TV news that a party wanted to introduce compulsory drug tests for all schoolchildren aged 12 and older I would kick the TV in a rage. What strange and perverse logic leads a party to suspect an entire generation of consuming drugs?"

Mandiner - Hungary | 12/11/2014

Sunday opening hours a tradition in Hungary

At the initiative of the Christian fundamentalist KDNP party, the junior partner in Hungary's ruling coalition, the government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is considering banning Sunday opening hours for businesses. This initiative runs counter to the Hungarians' consumer habits, journalist Gellért Rajcsányi comments on the conservative opinion portal Mandiner: "In the social welfare states we envy most, like Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, trade is drastically limited on Sundays. This is a long-standing custom there, and people are used to it. ... We, on the other hand, have different customs and habits. ... Banning businesses from opening on Sundays will interfere with our lives and limit trade."

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