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Rašeta, Boris

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Novosti - Croatia | 09/11/2014

Supraregional channel promotes Yugo-nostalgia

At the start of November the regional news channel N1 started broadcasting from studios in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb. The weekly of the Serb minority Novosti finds it lamentable that Croat nationals now fear pro-Yugoslavian sentiment: "They are afraid that N1 is a reincarnation of the broadcaster Xutel [a pan-Yugoslavian TV channel founded in 1990 which ceased broadcasting as a result of the war in 1992]. But there's an antidote at hand: anyone can take the remote control and switch to a different channel. There is no monopoly of opinion nowadays. It's wonderful that N1 is broadcasting regional, cultural and documentary content. N1 broadcast the television series Shopping Mall in its first days, a TV hit by Belgrade-based director Igor Stoimenov and dedicated to Yugo-nostalgia. ... Back then it was broadcast by all the regional TV channels apart from Croatia's. Now this mistake has been corrected."

Novosti - Croatia | 15/09/2014

Boris Rašeta on the US's true goals in Ukraine

The US is unabashedly pursuing a hypocritical global policy in Ukraine, columnist Boris Rašeta writes in Novosti, the left-leaning weekly paper of the Serb minority: "The goal of all these operations is not democratisation but the strategic encirclement and then 'Yugoslavisation' of Russia. We've seen what happened here after the collapse of the centralised state: Western businesses moved in and took over anything with any value, they destroyed any industries that might compete with their own and reduced an entire region to the level of the last century. A small - and poor - region in comparison to the huge and rich Russia. And that would be Russia's fate as well: a series of ethnic wars, endless processes of separation, a war of all against all. Just like in the Arab world, where America destroyed Libya and Iraq. ... The attempt to topple Assad allowed the IS to emerge, the fall of Gaddafi and Hussein resulted in the balkanisation of the region. What would happen if Putin were to fall?"

24 Sata - Croatia | 09/01/2014

Croatian courts under political pressure

A court in the Croatian city of Velika Gorica on Thursday rejected the European Arrest Warrant under which Croatia would have to hand over ex-secret service agent Zdravko Mustač to Germany. On the previous day a court in Zagreb ruled precisely the opposite, approving the extradition of secret service agent Josip Perković. The conservative tabloid 24 Sata accuses the government of putting the judges under pressure: "How can one and the same murder be ruled 'fresh' by one court and 'statute-barred' by another? It seems the answer lies outside the confines of the judiciary. ... It's clear that the government is trying to influence the rulings and hinder the EU Arrest Warrant. This will no doubt exacerbate the relationship with Brussels and trigger a row with Berlin. ... For the average citizen there is only one logical conclusion: the Croatian justice system is like a lottery."

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