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Šůra, Adam

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Respekt - Czech Republic | 01/03/2011

Solution for refugees doubtful

Numerous foreign ministers were preoccupied with the situation in Libya at Monday's meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, the liberal weekly Respekt notes: "The dictator's struggle to cling to power in the face of the revolution against him has driven Libya to the brink of a humanitarian crisis. While the rich West deployed airplanes to quickly evacuate its citizens thousands of refugees who had left their own poor countries to work in oil-rich Libya are gathering at the country's borders. Foreign ministers from across the world are now seeking a way to prevent the disaster from spreading. But it's doubtful that they'll find a solution. Gaddafi's seat may be wobbling but it is still supported by many barrels of oil which the energy-poor West depends on."

Respekt - Czech Republic | 16/05/2008

Czech village to keep its Stalin monument

The lengthy dispute over a Stalin monument in the Czech village of Studenec has come to an end, Adam Šůra reports. In a referendum the majority of citizens voted in favour of keeping the monument - contrary to the recommendation of the district administrator. "The mayor says: 'We really have better things to worry about than rewriting history. In Finland they left Lenin monuments standing, and in America presidents who had Indians killed are still standing on their pedestals.' One of the residents who sees the monument from his window each day says: 'Of course Stalin was a mass murderer, but his army helped to defeat Hitler.' The young generation adopts the same view. A student says: 'We can't simply pull down what our forebears constructed'."

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