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Puzsér, Róbert

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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 12/11/2015

Allow doping and put an end to the hypocrisy

After the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada criticised massive doping in Russian athletics, Róbert Puzsér calls for a radical rethink on the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport in the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet: "I don't believe that serious results can be achieved in modern world-class sporting events without drugs. Where so much money and fame is at stake, it's only natural to reach for performance enhancers. ... Such substances must simply be legalised. Every top athlete should have access to the newest, most effective and safest drugs - under strict medical supervision. ... It's time for an end to the hypocrisy in elite sports."

Blog Szélsőközép - Hungary | 20/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: For Róbert Puzsér scoundrels are playing at being mother Teresa

The refugee crisis is exposing the hypocrisy of Europe's elites, journalist Róbert Puzsér writes on the blog portal Szélsőközép: "The elites of Europe have continuously poisoned the naive masses with their unbearable chauvinism. They show almost no pity whatsoever for the victims of the countless scandalous injustices in the world. They work ceaselessly to widen the gap between the consumer-frenzied West and the garbage dumps in the east and the south. They look on with equanimity when their companies supply bloodthirsty regimes and fanatic religious groups with ultramodern weapons systems. They avert their eyes each time their multinational mining and oil companies destroy the environment, health and traditional way of life of the people in the third world. And now these hard-hearted scoundrels who are interested in nothing but money, power and the most recent opinion polls want to open the EU's borders for the masses of refugees. All of a sudden they're playing at being holier than Mother Teresa."

Nevem Senki - Hungary | 26/11/2013

TV commercials as bad as child labour

Television advertisements are the scourge of humanity because they reduce viewers to the status of mere commodities, publicist Róbert Puzsér writes in the independent weekly paper Nevem Senki: "The most dangerous poison contaminating the soul of our country - I'll go further: of civilisation - on a daily basis is the TV commercial. True, the brainwashing is interrupted now and then by reality shows and soap operas. Nevertheless their destructive impact is sheerly immeasurable. ... The TV ad must now be put on a par with child labour: it is highly profitable economically, and a simple, quick solution. At the same time, however, it is also despicable to the point of being inhumane, since it degrades human consciousness, turning it into a mere commodity. ... With the help of foul psychological tricks, it drives us on to adopt repugnant consumerist behaviour - and to purchase things we don't even need."

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