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Putting, Andres

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Delfi - Estonia | 15/08/2008

Annoying passport controls

According to Estonian news portal Delfi, the accession of Estonia and Latvia to the Schengen area has facilitated tourism but is also causing trouble: "Our dear neighbours to the south have come up with a new method for boosting their budget. Each month, around a dozen Estonians are forced to pay fines at Latvia's borders because in their enthusiasm about a Europe without borders they forget to carry travel documents. Under the Schengen agreement there are no more controls at internal borders, so you can travel from Tallinn to Helsinki or Riga in the same way you would travel to Tartu. But if you read the small print you see that although the border crossing points have disappeared there are still controls, and the fine for forgetting your documents can be as hefty as 200 euros in Latvia."

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