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Pureber, Tjaša

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Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 15/05/2013

Slovenia choking its public sector

In Slovenia, the government and trade unions of the public sector have brought their negotiations on planned austerity measures to a successful conclusion. As of June salaries are to be cut by 0.5 to 5 percent and the sickness benefit will go down. The online edition of Žurnal24 writes that always making cuts in the public sector is the wrong approach: "It's clear that it's not enough to simply have a public sector. It must also function properly, and for that to be the case its employees must receive adequate pay. ... The question is always who will end up paying for the cutbacks. It looks like the government is concerned only with cutting salaries instead of trying to find out what we really need and what we don't, like for example company cars, telephones and flats provided by companies. And the government should also finally start levying taxes on second and third properties and anything above that owned by private individuals."

Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 01/02/2013

Uprising unites Slovenia

Representatives of numerous civil organisations called for the government to step down in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana on Thursday. The Slovenians have been protesting for months against social cuts and corruption. The online edition of Žurnal24 believes that the movement derives its strength from uniting many separate voices: "This is what makes the uprising so invincible. The different voices unite in a common cry: 'Enough is enough!' At the same time they respect each other, showing toleration for a wide variety of nuances. And those who have tried to drown out these voices with nationalist, chauvinist rhetoric have been shouted down with boos and catcalls. The people whom the state and capital have stripped of their dignity over the past twenty years are getting together to demand a society based on mutual respect. If the uprising is to survive this must continue to be the case, both on the street and in public debate."

Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 04/12/2012

Slovenians have had enough

The wave of protest against the political class and the government in Slovenia reached a new high point on Monday. Thousands of people took to the streets in several cities to vent their frustration. According to the online portal Žurnal24 the Slovenians' patience is at an end: "The politicians have attempted in vain to discredit the demonstrators, first as mercenaries of the opposition, then as rioters. ... But the goals of the protests are becoming increasingly clear. First they targeted corrupt politicians, now they're directed against politics itself, and increasingly against capitalism. The next step could be a call for social alternatives. The protests may die down, but everything depends on whether they continue or not. No one knows how this will all end. But one thing is certain: the genie is out of the bottle, and the people will not go on suffering in silence. Anything can happen now."

Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 15/11/2011

Slovenia's welfare state in danger

Early general elections take place in Slovenia on December 4. Since all the parties up for election agree that there must be spending cuts the social state is at serious risk, Tjaša Pureber fears in the online edition of Žurnal24: "I am afraid of those who in the name of (neo-liberal) theories would manage the state in a way that ignores that we are the citizens of this state. I am afraid of those who promise in their election campaigns to lower taxes, but remain silent about how this will lead to lower standards in public healthcare, less free school education and less welfare state. The alarming consensus among the political parties who all demand the same - that we tighten our belts - leaves me speechless. ... Now is the time for creative solutions. But they are not to be found among the politicians."

Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 14/04/2011

Young Slovenes dream of home ownership

Young Slovenes are hardly ever given unlimited employment contracts nowadays, making their dreams of owning their own homes impossible, the online paper Žurnal24 Online writes: "Our parents could afford to buy their own homes and were granted mortgages to do so decades ago. The young generation of today can't even dream of owning a home because they have no hope of getting a loan to finance it. How could they when they are increasingly unable to get jobs. And when they do it is mostly on a limited contract or poorly paid. Owing to the dictatorship of the free market and a more flexible labour force, unlimited contracts are the stuff of science fiction nowadays."

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