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Puljiz, Helena

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Tportal - Croatia | 15/01/2016

New PM must finally learn proper Croatian

Croatia's future prime minister Tihomir Orešković grew up in Canada and has only been living in his native country for a few years. His poor knowledge of Croatian is increasingly making him the butt of jokes, the liberal web website observes: "Even during his inaugural speech he said 'buildings' meaning 'citizens', and on Wednesday he declared with aplomb that he wanted to look into how to boost indebtedness in the next couple of years. His language problems are becoming a problem for the public and media, who often have to explain, interpret or simply alter his comments so that the people can so much as understand their future prime minister. Some of his mistakes aren't so serious, but when he makes them when talking about such important topics as debt, economic growth, credit ratings and the like, both he and the nation are walking on very thin ice."

Tportal - Croatia | 06/11/2015

Croatia should vote out old political caste

The best thing would be for both of Croatia's biggest parties to lose in Sunday's parliamentary elections, the liberal web portal believes: "The person who loses the elections on Sunday should simply resign along with his entire squad. ... Because if the voters once again fall for the 'it's us or them' game, we should at least get rid of either Zoran Milanović or Tomislav Karamarko. Ideally we would ditch both at the same time. A defeat for Zoran Milanović would be a historic chance for Croatia's Social Democrats, just as a defeat for Tomislav Karamarko would be a historic chance for the Christian Democrats. ... And if both Milanović and Karamarko were defeated along with their clans it would pave the way for a new, more just, more prosperous, more successful and truly democratic Croatia. So go out and vote, and imagine what it would be like to wake up on Monday with a smile to the realisation that both candidates were history!"

Tportal - Croatia | 28/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: Dublin Regulation a bad deal

How on earth could countries with EU external borders ever have agreed to the Dublin Regulation? the liberal website tportal wonders: "The border states clearly didn't put a lot of thought into what they were signing when they agreed to the Dublin Regulation. This (the first version of which dates back to 2003) stipulates that asylum seekers (today refugees) must file their requests in the EU state they first entered. And there they are to remain or be redistributed when the other states take pity on them and agree to (absurd) quotas. ... When people from Asia or Africa flee to Europe they are certainly not going to travel en masse to Denmark, Slovakia or France. No, they'll make for the nearest country they can reach - Italy, Greece, and from there to Hungary and Croatia. ... What were the governments of these states thinking when they said yes to this unfair game which they can't win and which meant granting states like the UK, the Czech Republic and France sweeping rights not to help the border states?"

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