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Puklevičius, Aidas

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Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 21/07/2015

Soviet tin gods gone from Vilnius at last

The past two nights in Vilnius have seen the dismantling of four Soviet sculptures, which have been the subject of controversy since Lithuania's independence. The liberal daily Lietuvos rytas is overjoyed: "The 'tin gods' are finally ending up where they belong - on a pile of rubble. They were never art or cultural heritage. … It is symptomatic that the 'tin gods' are now being dismantled because they are crumbling or on the verge of falling apart. The same goes for the system that created them. Its structures rusted, its ideological monoliths cracked, and things that were intended to last centuries survived only a few decades. The only difference is that the 'tin gods' survived 25 years longer than the system. And during their collapse they have not managed to harm anyone. The system, on the other hand, will continue to maim feelings and minds for a long time to come."

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 23/06/2015

Trolls relax by posting hate comments

Journalist and author Aidas Puklevičius explains in the liberal daily Lietuvos rytas the psychological impact of last week's European Court of Human Rights ruling that websites are responsible for the content of anonymous user comments: "I have always tried to see every anonymous comment as having an important therapeutic function. The Internet has given all monotonous scribblers the illusion that their thoughts are interesting to someone. They can relax by writing a couple of vitriolic attacks online. … They fall into the sleep of the just and when they wake up they can do something useful for society for at least a couple of hours. What will these poor people do now that they have been deprived of the possibility of venting their anger online? I don't know."

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