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Pugačiauskas, Vykintas

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Lrt - Lithuania | 11/01/2016

Poland's amateurishness bad for all Eastern Europe

According to Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski Warsaw would be willing to agree to limited benefits for EU migrants if additional Nato military bases were to be set up in Poland in return. With its amateurish politics the Polish government is also hurting the interests of other countries, writes the Lithuanian broadcaster LRT on its website: "Warsaw's clumsy politics are not only dangerous for Poland but also for neighbouring countries like Lithuania. … With its slapdash foreign policy statements, provocative behaviour towards Western states and stoking of the domestic political crisis the Polish government will isolate itself to such an extent that the other Nato allies will only communicate with it with utmost reluctance. And instead of acting as an icebreaker for the targets of all the Eastern European Nato member states, Warsaw will become the main obstacle preventing the West from regarding these countries as its own, as full-blown members of the alliance which it is worthwhile to defend."

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