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Pudil, Petr

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Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 14/09/2011

German nuclear phaseout model for Czechs

While Germany is saying farewell to nuclear energy the Czech Republic is planning to extend its use. The goal is for 80 percent of Czech electricity to be generated by nuclear power plants by 2060. The business paper Hospodářské noviny says Prague is heading in the wrong direction: "The German stance merits a much deeper discussion than we are conducting now. The Germans don't have a tradition of making irrational and populist economic decisions. ... Why does the Czech government support the construction of more nuclear plants and at the same time rely on the dividends of energy giant ČEZ? What makes the ČEZ management and the government so sure that this investment will pay off? ... ČEZ doesn't have to remain a source of financing for the state forever. In view of these expensive plans, the company could one day find itself dependent on help from the state."

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