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Puścikowska, Agata

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Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 24/04/2013

Sex education should be left to parents

At a joint conference held in Warsaw on Monday the Polish Academy of Science, the Polish Education Ministry (MEN) and the World Health Organisation called for children to receive age-appropriate sex education. They concurred that for example nine to twelve-year-old children should know about effective contraception. Intolerable, journalist Agata Puścikowska comments on the national religious portal Gość Niedzielny: "To be honest it's a long time since I have felt such shame, embarrassment and discomfort. As the mother of several children I felt that my competences as a parent were not only being undermined, but trampled underfoot - as was my natural and logical right to decide how to bring up my children. This is the first time that I have felt this so clearly. But the MEN, which has already 'shone' with a dumb sex education reform, now wants to 'shine' again by pushing through a sick ideology that turns children into sexual subjects. And of course all for the 'good of the children'."

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