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Pătruşcă, Adrian

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Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 29/09/2011

Roma wants to ban begging in Romania

Nicoae Păun, one of the two Romanian MPs belonging to the Roma minority, on Tuesday presented a bill in parliament on banning begging in Romania. The daily Evenimentul Zilei finds Păun's idea impracticable: "How, I would like to know, are you supposed to punish a beggar you catch red-handed in the underground? Should he present his ID? What if he has no fixed address? Or if he doesn't have any ID and can't pay the fine? This is so absurd that even Beckett would be envious. But Păun says: then he should work for the community. ... And how many people will have to supervise his work and make sure he doesn't take to his heels? ... The objections to Păun's initiative were not long in coming. ... The National Agency for Roma said the the MP should be brought before the Roma Board of Arbitration for 'objectionable behaviour' and be excluded from the community because he had 'done a disservice' to the Roma community."

Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 26/09/2011

Stop football mafia in Romania

The Romanian anti-corruption authorities, the DNA, on Saturday arrested the president of the referee committee Vasile Avram and a businessman on suspicions of their having manipulated games. The daily Evenimentul Zilei got the investigations going with a report on manipulated football matches published on Thursday. According to the newspaper a football mafia has been in operation for years, deciding who becomes champion: "Worse still: there is a system of rotation in which each of the 'big champions' is allowed to win the big money from the Champions League (ten million euros in the worst case). The 'small fry' who know the dirty secrets are given a few crumbs from the cake. They stay in the first division and are given broadcasting rights which are fiddled so no taxes have to be paid. ... The interesting thing is that the police, the public prosecutors and the DNA have a condescending attitude towards football, seeing it as a kind of state within the state for which they are not responsible. The revelations of our newspaper and the arrest of Vasile Avram could now lead to a major clean-up operation. The anti-corruption authority DNA will have to cure football of its paralysis."

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