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Psycharis, Stavros

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To Vima Online - Greece | 01/11/2009

Stavros Psycharis on the acceptance of terror

In the wake of a bomb attack on the conservative Greek politician Marietta Giannakou in Athens over the weekend, Stavros Psycharis writes in the left-liberal daily To Vima about the acceptance of terrorism in Greek society: "For it to take on such dangerous proportions, terrorism needs social backing. The dictatorship [1967-1974] in Greece is one of the factors that promoted the development of Greek terrorism. Let's be honest! Which Greek thought that professor Sakis Karagiorgos was a terrorist when he lost his arm putting together a homemade bomb with which he wanted to challenge the junta? Which Greek would call Alekos Panagoulis a terrorist because he wanted to assassinate the hated dictator? ... How many Greeks have - in secret of course - justified the murder of police officers [by the terrorist group 17 November] who tortured opponents of the regime under the junta? Let's be honest! Terrorism has been successful in the decades following the fall of the Junta because many people closed their eyes to it."

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