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Proswirnin, Jegor

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Sputnikipogrom - Russia | 05/03/2014

Global perspectives: Putin smothers Russian Spring

President Putin stated on Tuesday that the Kremlin was not backing any pro-Russian separatist movements. Putin is not doing enough to support Russians at home and abroad, Russian journalist Egor Prosvirnin writes on his blog Sputnikipogrom: "For two days Putin's television reminded us that there is a Russian people, that Russians don't only live in Russia, that Russians are obliged to protect other Russians, that national solidarity outweighs all state borders and treaties. ... Even in the supposedly apathetic Eastern Ukraine, tens of thousands of pro-Russian demonstrators came out in protest. ... That was the outbreak of the Russian Spring. But then suddenly everyone remembered that those aren't Russians living in Ukraine, but merely Russian-speaking Ukrainians, and that if you're serious about protecting Russians, you should above all do it in Russia."

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