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Prosperi, Adriano

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La Repubblica - Italy | 18/12/2013

Europe treats refugees like dirty animals

Just over two months after the Lampedusa refugee tragedy, TV images of the treatment migrants receive on the Mediterranean island have triggered an outcry. The Italian broadcaster RAI 2 aired film footage on Monday showing dozens of naked refugees being disinfected outdoors. This is a consequence of an inhumane refugee policy, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica writes incensed: "The episode exposes what Italy and Europe has to offer those who dare cross their doorstep, and it must give the final impetus for reasserting criminally violated human rights. This is just another episode in a stance that has become law and deeply ingrained in the consciousness of society and the institutions. There is the danger of the dehumanised refugee being regarded as a dangerous animal that spreads disease. ... We need laws that restore the dignity and rights of migrants and give us all the possibility of no longer having to feel ashamed every day."

La Repubblica - Italy | 15/12/2011

Berlusconi's xenophobic legacy

An angry mob attacked a Roma settlement in Turin and set it on fire last week after a young Italian girl made false allegations of rape. This arson attack and the killing of two Senegalese men on Tuesday in Florence illustrate how the xenophobia fomented in Italy under Silvio Berlusconi's government is now widespread, writes the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "Italy is not only on trial in Brussels. It must also prove how civilised it is. ... The most recent incidents reveal how widespread the virus of racism and xenophobia has become. ... The supreme administrative court may have declared the previous government's 'nomad emergency decree' null and void, but the prejudices are deep-seated, as the two acts of violence prove. The collapse of a government that rode the wave of populism and used the alleged threat posed by foreigners to control the frightened masses for so long is not enough. We must deal thoroughly with the legacy this government has left imprinted on the collective consciousness."

La Repubblica - Italy | 14/02/2011

Rome's hand in Tunisians' flight

Several thousand people have landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa in recent days as a result of the toppling of the Tunisian regime. Rome shares part of the blame for the situation because of its questionable agreement with Libya on illegal immigration, writes the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "The victims of an entire political era characterised by Rome's cooperation with Muammar al-Gaddafi and the brutalisation of our society end up in Lampedusa's waters. ... From those who die during the crossings to the arbitrary deportations which all end in Libya's prison to the illegal immigrants who are left at the mercy of exploiters and human trafficking. ... We can see that this situation is on the one hand a result of Europe growing ever more distant and on the other of increasingly close connections with Gaddafi, whom we have promoted to the position of watchman of our coasts, and whom we supply and pay with weapons to this end."

La Repubblica - Italy | 11/01/2010

Italy talks of "niggers"

Last Thursday several riots broke out between African harvest workers, local residents and the police in the southern Italian city of Rosarno. The unrest has introduced the word "nigger" into everyday language in Italy, the daily La Repubblica comments: "The word was shouted out by patrolling night avengers and recorded in all the reports. ... A word that changes the world and simplifies it, that turns relations between human beings into a racial war and a conflict between skin colours in which the black die and the white triumph. ... From one day to the next the world of Italians became a black-and-white world. ... The word 'nigger', which has now spread all over Italy thanks to the events in Rosarno, has consequences that despite many differences can basically be compared with those that the race laws of 1938 and the introduction of the word 'Jew' into everyday language brought about." 

La Repubblica - Italy | 18/03/2009

Dogmas instead of compassion

The left-liberal Italian daily La Repubblica harshly criticises the Pope's statements. "Certainly the Pope is right to say that the Aids epidemic can't be stopped by distributing condoms and calling for people who have Aids to be given free medical treatment. But to add that condoms were only aggravating the problem seems rather questionable. Are they not the mechanical barrier that protect women and hinder the spread of Aids? … The cruel, inhuman severity of a Church that punishes a Brazilian girl and the doctors who saved her life by performing an abortion with excommunication is not a pretty example of the Church's compassion for human suffering. The soul of a Brazilian girl and a woman from Cameroon are less important for the Church than that of an anti-Semitic bishop and Holocaust denier."

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