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Prosinger, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Prosinger, Jahrgang 1948, ist Journalist und Autor mehrerer Bücher. Nach seinem Studium der Germanistik und Geschichte in München
und Freiburg arbeitete er bei verschiedenen Zeitungen, u.a. fünf Jahre als Italienkorrespondent in Rom für die Basler Zeitung und die Badische
Zeitung. Seit 2001 leitet er die Seite Drei des Tagesspiegels in Berlin.Zu seinen journalistischen Schwerpunkten zählen Reportagen und politische Kommentare.

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 13/08/2014

Robin Williams' suicide typical for society

People only talk about the taboo topic of suicide when celebrities like US actor Robin Williams kill themselves, the liberal Tagesspiegel laments: "More than 10,000 people take their own lives every year in Germany. That is almost three times the number of those who die in traffic accidents every year. … Victims of acts of violence, disasters, and Aids deaths - none of this compares with the suicide rate. And this is in a country which is not stricken by hunger or war, and in which the health system is in a passable state. But no one speaks up about it; there's no public debate on the subject. Suicide is the last taboo issue in modern society. … 'Freitod' (literally free death) - a word that was linked with the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and was banned by the Nazis - is still regarded as something unlawful, sinful, even criminal. … Suicides do not happen on the margins of society, but right in its midst."

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