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Proschofsky, Andreas

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Der Standard - Austria | 01/07/2015

Short-sighted easing of network neutrality

In a compromise hacked out in the middle of the night the EU Commission, the Council of Ministers and the EU Parliament have decided to relax the network neutrality rules that have applied in Europe up to now. The centre-left daily Der Standard criticises the decision: "Only absolute network neutrality guarantees start-up companies the same chances as large companies. If for instance the music streaming service Spotify makes deals with Internet service providers to supply streamed music beyond the data limits, this puts 'small companies' in particular at a disadvantage because they can't afford such deals. It is a pattern that has been repeated in many Internet policy decisions in recent years: a series of short-sighted decisions have been made that favour the interests of certain lobby groups - namely the Internet service providers. … In view of such requirements, it's no wonder Europe lacks a start-up culture that can compare in any way with that in Silicon Valley."

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