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Prone, Terry

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Evening Herald - Ireland | 11/03/2015

Yes to gay marriage in Ireland no sure bet

The Irish will vote on May 22 on a change to the law that would enable gay couples to get married. The opinion polls indicate widespread approval but this may be deceptive, the conservative Evening Herald warns: "Yes campaigners might like to believe they have right on their side, so obviously rendering any campaigning by the No side insulting and irrelevant at the same time. That may be the rock they perish on. The fact is that a large silent body of people is out there, ready to vote No. Those people go largely unrecorded in opinion polls because, in opinion polls, you have to tell a researcher, face to face or on the phone, that you espouse an unpopular viewpoint. When you drop your folded-over voting sheet into the ballot box, however, nobody other than you knows how you have voted."

Irish Examiner - Ireland | 18/03/2013

Lack of sleep fatal in the cockpit

The pilots of the Air France passenger plane that crashed on the way from Rio de Janeiro to France in June 2009 were apparently suffering from acute lack of sleep, as new inquiry reports published in the French media show. The left-liberal daily Irish Examiner is appalled: "If [Captain Marc Debois] had been the only sleep-deprived crew member in the cockpit, that would have been bad enough. But, apparently, all of the pilots theoretically in charge that night had under-slept, due (according to reports) to having been in Rio with their wives and girlfriends the previous night - the implication being that they were not with their wives and girlfriends in hotel beds, tucked up getting the sleep they needed, but instead, perhaps, out on the town. ... People died, not because the pilots were drunk, but because they were tired. The crash constitutes one more potent piece of evidence that sleep deprivation can be as lethal, when the unexpected happens, as can intoxication."

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