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Prokopčák, Tomáš

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Sme - Slovakia | 13/11/2014

Mankind's quest for knowledge with Rosetta

For the first time in the history of space travel a space craft has landed on a comet. After a ten-year journey on the Rosetta satellite, the mini-probe Philae landed on Wednesday on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The liberal daily Sme explains what drives mankind to achieve such milestones in research: "We need these projects. Comets are a kind of message in a bottle. They contain a piece of the cosmos as it was billions of years ago when our solar system first came into being. This is not about answering the question of where water and the other elements that created life on Earth came from. We need this kind of projects because we are different from other life forms. They are an expression of our quest for knowledge. ... The most exciting thing about it is that we never know beforehand what amazing and potentially useful results such missions can achieve."

Sme - Slovakia | 22/07/2011

Golden age of space travel over

With the safe touch down on Thursday of the US space shuttle Atlantis in Cape Canaveral, Nasa put an end to its space shuttle programme after a total of 135 missions. The liberal daily Sme suspects that this might be the end of the space pioneering age: "High hopes are now pinned on China and India. But do they embody the future? Perhaps at some point. But right now they are only trying to imitate what Russia and the US achieved in the last century. Essentially it is irrelevant which flag flies on the moon. But mankind's new adventures should contain something new. And bigger. US space shuttles might have been little more than symbols. But the end of Atlantis could be not just the end of this flight system but also the end of a whole era of space travel and its golden age. Man will never stop trying to discover the unknown. But perhaps we will never again have sufficient means for new space adventures."

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