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Proissl, Wolfgang

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Financial Times Deutschland - Germany | 22/12/2008

That's Klaus

The Czech EU Council presidency will not be as bad as some observers are saying, writes the Financial Times Deutschland - despite Václav Klaus' negative stance on the EU: "Nevertheless there is reason to hope that at least the Czech government will actively commit itself to the affairs of Europe. The majority of the population is pro-European - and politicians will bear that in mind in the election year 2009. ... Above all the community has a good reputation among the young and successful. 'We are proud of our membership in the Union' you hear them say. Even the head of state will have to jump over his shadow for the Czech EU Council presidency. On February 19 Klaus will speak before the European Parliament - and be received according to parliamentary protocol. ... And when the anthem is played the Eurosceptic from Prague will stand in front of the Czech and European flags."

Financial Times Deutschland - Germany | 11/12/2008

A watered-down Treaty of Lisbon?

Today, Thursday, the EU heads of state and government are gathering in Brussels to discuss the future of the blocked Treaty of Lisbon. The Financial Times Deutschland fears the result could be a watered-down treaty. "For at today's summit the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen will explain to the other heads of state and government how he intends to proceed following his countrymens' No to the Lisbon treaty. He is likely to hold out the prospect of a second referendum for autumn 2009 - if the partner states comply with certain demands. Among those items on Cowen's list that are non-negotiable is that Ireland continue to be represented by its own commissioner in the Brussels body. Because there can be no special rules for one country it is probable that the summit participants will agree to maintain the principle of one state, one commissioner. ... But to create a continually growing Commission that lacks hierarchies and boundaries and that is uncontrollable and prone to extending its powers is the wrong approach."

Financial Times Deutschland - Germany | 10/11/2008

Europe must remain resolute

The Financial Times Deutschland advises Europe to remain firm at the G20 summit: "The Europeans are attending this summit with a great sense of self-confidence and even greater expectations. ... The EU states must not shy away from conflict with the Americans and the emerging countries. The European concept of demanding tighter controls and regulation of financial capitalism to tackle the crisis is the only convincing answer to the current situation. If the Europeans stand united in Washington the force of their arguments could play a decisive role in influencing the reform of the global financial markets. The more time passes and the shock of the crisis wears off, the harder it will be to mobilise political energy for such a reform internationally."

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