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Proença, Bruno

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1.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 06/08/2013

Swaps the epitome of financial abominations

The controversy over so-called "toxic swaps" at state-owned companies in Portugal prompts the liberal business daily Diário Económico to demand that the banks finally be ... » more

2.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 19/07/2013

Only basic consensus can save Portugal

Portuguese Prime Minister Passos Coelho has survived a motion of no-confidence brought by the left-wing opposition for the fifth time in a year. The parliament ... » more

3.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 28/06/2013

Portuguese won't solve problems with strikes

A general strike brought public life in Portugal almost to a standstill on Thursday. This was already the fourth nationwide action against the austerity measures ... » more

4.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 10/05/2013

Portugal's record unemployment unacceptable

At 17.7 percent the unemployment rate in Portugal has reached a record high in the first quarter of 2013. According to a report by the National ... » more

5.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 08/03/2013

Coelho's economic liberalism unrealistic

Portugal's Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho spoke out on Wednesday against raising the minimum wage, unleashing a storm of protest. He argued that a higher ... » more

6.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 03/01/2013

A warning from Portugal's president

Portugal's president Cavaco Silva has called on the country's constitutional court to take action in the row over the budget for 2013 after having expressed ... » more

7.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 06/11/2012

EU can't take any more of Merkel's austerity

German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not see the euro crisis coming to an end within the next five years. Now the time for more discipline ... » more

8.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 03/08/2012

Declarations of love for euro not enough

It was dishonest of Draghi not to make good on what he had pledged last week, in the eyes of the liberal business paper Diário ... » more

9.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 08/06/2012

Problem child Spain softening Germany's stance

Crisis-stricken Spain managed to raise 2.1 billion euros on the capital market on Thursday but had to pay more than six percent interest to attract ... » more

10.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 21/05/2012

Nothing but national egoism

The G8 summit at Camp David was nothing but a display of national egoism that ended without any concrete resolutions, writes the liberal business paper ... » more


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