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Procházková, Bára

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Respekt - Czech Republic | 01/12/2010

Czech filmmaker able to deal with the past

The Czech film director David Vondráček has won the Franz Werfel Prize awarded by Germany's Centre Against Expulsions. Vondráček's film Killing, Czech Style documents crimes committed against Germans in postwar Czechoslovakia. The liberal weekly Respekt congratulates the winner and comments on the jury's reasons for deciding as they did: "Vondráček did not win merely for having all sides express themselves in his film. At best that will get you top marks in the first semester at journalism school. Rather, the jury wanted to give recognition to an author who does not see the past from the one-sided viewpoint so common in the Czech Republic. If gaining an understanding of your past were an Olympic discipline the Germans would win gold. By contrast it's questionable whether the Czechs would even qualify to compete. And if there's one thing about the Czechs that bothers the Germans, it's their inability to view their own past objectively. That still takes a good deal of courage."

Respekt - Czech Republic | 18/12/2009

Bára Procházková on how the Czech Republic sweetened Europe

The Czech Republic did much to sweeten up 2009 for all of Europe, writes Bára Procházková in the online portal of the liberal weekly Respekt: "Many people scoffed when they heard the motto of the Czech presidency - 'We'll sweeten Europe', nevertheless it was entirely fitting. We sweetened Europe among other things with the unexpected fall of Mirek Topolánek's government even before the end of the presidency. The head of the Social Democrats, Jiří Paroubek, sent a whole pack of sugar cubes to Brussels when he put an end to the government without being able to offer a better alternative. But thanks to the subsequent caretaker government under Jan Fischer, the presidency ended on a firm footing. As Europe was just breathing a sigh of relief, we sweetened things up all the more with President Václav Klaus' refusal to sign the Treaty of Lisbon. All of Europe held its breath. Even if everything went well in the end, we gave Europe some unforgettable headaches."

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