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Prochasko, Jurko

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Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 14/04/2008

Jurko Prochasko wants Ukraine to be part of the EU

Ukrainian Germanist Jurko Prochasko explains why he wants Ukraine to join the EU: "I don't want to be angry at the EU or jealous of it - I want to be proud of it. This is only possible if you belong to it. I don't want to live without that feeling of being part of Europe that was so natural to my grandparents. ... The EU is the new Europe - every bit of it: as a self-creation, a self-discovery, a self-interpretation, a self-modernisation and finally as a quest. This really is a beguilingly new concept. We need this renewal of ideas, technologies and life styles. You need the renewal that the remembering of things forgotten brings. We must shed some of our cynicism; you must shed some of your ignorance. We need you; you need us. We need the sense of belonging; you need the sense of being a whole. We need this too. We are prepared to go all the way."

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