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Procevska, Olga

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Rigas Laiks - Latvia | 02/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: Why Latvia's Russians don't like immigrants

Rejection of refugees is high among Latvia's Russian minority, the liberal monthly magazine Rīgas laiks notes, and gives an explanation: "They're jealous. The arrival of refugees means that the Russians will be displaced politically by the refugees, who will now be in the spotlight as the ones to be integrated into society. Soon the Russians will no longer be the only stateless people in Latvia. And there are also economic reasons for the Russians' jealousy. Unemployment is high among the Russian minority in Latvia. That condemns them to uncertainty and financial dependence, a status they will no doubt now have to share with the new arrivals. Latvia's liberal nationalists, who prefer refugees from Syria and Eritrea to the former partisans of the Soviet Union, do the rest."

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