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Primor, Avi

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 04/12/2008

Avi Primor calls for money against terror

The former Israeli ambassador to Germany, Avi Primor, comments in the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung on strategies against terror. "There's no question that you can't convert fanatics and that you have to fight them to protect yourself. But this doesn't tackle the root of the problem. And why are terrorist organisations always able to find new voluntary recruits, from both the Islamic world or the countries of the West, where not a few terrorists grow up in a normal, Western environment? The key word to understanding this problem is dignity. For most people in Muslim countries the poverty in which they live and from which they can see no escape is the root of their sense of humiliation. As long as we fail to support them there can be no new hope - and they will keep on producing terrorists. ... Today one percent of the accumulated gross national product of the US, the EU states, rich countries like Canada, Japan and also the oil-rich pro-American Arab countries would amount to two billion dollars. With such a sum, managed by a sensible international body, one could bring about major change in the Islamic countries. Only then would the Muslim masses turn their backs on the fanatics and only then will there be a chance of victory in the battle against fundamentalist terror."

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