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Preusker, Martin

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Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 04/12/2009

The Bible as bestseller

A new translation of the Bible has become a surprising bestseller in the highly atheist Czech Republic. The German-language weekly Prager Zeitung looks into the reasons for this unexpected success: "The new translation of the Holy Scriptures renders the word of the Bible in contemporary, eminently readable Czech. Until now only two complete translations have been available to Czech readers. The Bible of Kralice, for example, has been considered outdated for decades. Its difficult, overbearing language led to a loss of prestige as well as a loss of trust. Because many looked for answers in the Bible but didn't find them because they couldn't understand the language. A language you can read is a cachet of quality, and often underestimated. The right words are a key to people's hearts, and a tool for conveying the word of God."

Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 16/10/2009

Martin Preusker on unpolitical politics

Martin Preusker argues in the German-language daily Prager Zeitung in favour of "unpolitical politics" with high moral standards such as practiced by former Czech president Václav Havel: "Such politics are badly needed today. They would form the sole bulwark against political arrogance, while allowing us to address once more the needs of society. I'm talking about the ideas of the first Czechoslovak president [Tomáš Garrigue] Masaryk, which greatly inspired Havel's own reflections. 'Unpolitical politics' was politics with a significant ethical content, involving a high degree of individual responsibility. The only true policy is serving one's fellow man. Havel, a recognised authority worldwide whose opinion is much sought after and appreciated, is proof that it is possible to subject politics to the dictates of one's conscience. ... Instinct, tact and responsibility should be paramount in politics."

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