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Pretenteris, Giannis

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1.  Ta Nea - Greece | 11/12/2012

Voters' will must be accepted

After Berlusconi announced his return to politics the risk premiums on Italian government immediately increased and in many European countries politicians warned of an unstable ... » more

2.  Ta Nea - Greece | 24/07/2012

Europe's last communist country

Former US president Bill Clinton was in Athens on Monday to meet the Greek premier Antonis Samaras. Clinton was accompanying a delegation of businessmen from ... » more

3.  Ta Nea - Greece | 15/12/2011

IMF plan for Greece has failed

Paul Thomsen, envoy for the International Monetary Fund, conceded during a visit to Athens on Tuesday that the austerity agreement signed between Greece and the ... » more

4.  Ta Nea - Greece | 29/06/2011

Greek cuts in vain

The Greek parliament votes on a comprehensive austerity package today. The cuts are a prerequisite for Greece receiving the next instalment of credit from the ... » more

5.  Ta Nea - Greece | 09/05/2011

Crazy Greeks have only themselves to blame

Given the way Greece is handling the crisis it's no wonder Europe is speculating about the country exiting the Monetary Union, the left-liberal daily Ta ... » more

6.  Ta Nea - Greece | 03/01/2011

Tax evasion a national sport in Greece

According to statistics of the Greek Ministry of Finance, 60 percent of Greeks paid no income tax in 2009. The left-liberal daily Ta Nea isn't ... » more


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