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Preda, Radu

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Adevârul - Romania | 10/04/2013

Secularised Romanians know no peace

A member of parliament in Romania has presented a draft law limiting taxpayers' contributions to the Church to voluntary payments. This initiative is just one example of the general trend of secularisation in the country, writes theologist Radu Preda in the conservative daily Adevărul's blog: "The opening times of supermarkets are a subtle - because banal - expression of society's secularisation. They stayed open on 25 December, 1 January and Easter Monday. … The problem is not the opening times themselves. Stores cater to the demand, and the fact that they are open on Sundays and public holidays is proof that plenty of people shop on these days. … The problem is the rhythm. After several decades of continuously open stores, we have become a society with no points of reference in time and space, one which has lost its feeling for the cycle of public holidays and moments of inner peace."

Contributors - Romania | 10/09/2012

Radu Preda on Romania's blind flight

The reason why Romania is completely lacking in direction 22 years after the fall of communism and despite its EU membership is that the people don't know what kind of a society they want to live in, writes theologist Radu Preda on the web portal contributors: "The anti-American and anti-European aberrations of our politicians, the way the parliamentary majority dissects its political opponents and its attempts to dominate the judiciary. … All these current developments show us that the childhood illnesses of our state were never properly treated and still persist. We opened the Securitate secret service archives too late. We have whitewashed the pre-1989 leadership. Regardless of which party was in power we filled key positions with 'loyal party members'. We privatised raw materials and gagged the mass media. The political decision-makers of yesterday and today have deliberately delayed post-communist Romania's search for its true path. Instead we have 'written off' EU and Nato membership. … We are like a confused passenger: we may have a ticket and we may be sitting in our designated seat on the plane, but we have no idea where the plane is headed."

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