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Praznik, Katja

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 05/12/2007

Pigheadedness or traditionalism in Slovenia's cultural policy?

Katja Praznik visited the international theatrical arts festival "Exodos" in Ljubljana, where big names and ambitious projects are on show. She draws the following conclusions about conditions for creative artists in Slovenia: "One of the key problems with Slovenia's cultural policy is that it is incapable of integrating modernity into our society. In the sixteen years since the state was founded, there have been more empty gestures than committed state policies. Everything has come down to the division between institutional and non-institutional initiatives, with the result that both sectors have stagnated and there has been no progress in the theatrical arts sector. Ultimately the problem arises from a typical Slovenian trait: pigheadedness. Modern art is not appreciated by society."

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