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Pūras, Dainius

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Delfi - Lithuania | 03/05/2013

Suicide prevention lacking in Lithuania

The suicide of the famous Lithuanian actor Vytautas Šapranauskas on April 18 has shocked Lithuanian society and triggered a new debate about the extremely high suicide rate in the country. On the web portal Delfi, psychiatrist Dainius Pūras deplores the lack of preventive measures: "For more than 20 years over a thousand people have committed suicide each year in Lithuania, a figure that the world finds astounding. … But even such a tragic statistic hasn't prompted us to get our act together and adopt the kind of measures that are known in the civilised world as suicide prevention and prevention of other forms of self-destruction. And the rest of the world finds this all the more surprising. … The researchers of transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europe have proven that the most important risk factor in countries like Lithuania was and still is delayed psychosocial stress [after many years of dependency] as well as the lacking ability to cope with this stress."

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