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Pranter, Christoph

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Der Standard - Austria | 06/05/2011

Alliance must prevent massacre

Financial aid for the rebels is necessary but not sufficient, the left-liberal daily Der Standard writes, calling for more resolution from the alliance: "The only ones who can decisively influence the course of events are the Americans. With their strategy of reserve they have not only been trying to save their strength but also to show the Europeans - above all the French - that European security policy still depends on the US forces. After just a few weeks of military intervention that message is strikingly clear. ... The question is how long the operation 'Odyssey Dawn' can muddle along without Europe and ultimately also the United States suffering a painful defeat. And the question is also how long those the intervention is meant to save, the civilians in Misrata and Zintan for example, can stand up to the pressure from Gaddafi's henchmen. Could there be anything more cynical than standing by and watching a massacre take place under a no-fly zone?"

Der Standard - Austria | 10/07/2009

A little progress

In the opinion of the left-liberal daily Der Standard the G8 summit has achieved some minimal progress: "It definitely wasn't the recognition-craving host of the summit Silvio Berlusconi but Barack Obama who got things moving. He injected a lot of political and diplomatic capital which the US had lacked for a long time into the process, facilitated compromises and brought to Italy some of the change he preached during his lengthy US election campaign. It will also require the US president's full commitment in the future to ensure that the upcoming summit meeting is a success. For even minimal progress there would be a great achievement."

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