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Pournara, Margarita

Kathimerini, Greece

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Kathimerini - Greece | 14/08/2014

Young Greeks spurn the joys of nature

During her summer holiday Greek columnist Margarita Pournara noticed how many youths were fixated on their smartphones and tablet computers at the beach. Unbelievable in a country as beautiful as Greece, she laments in the conservative daily Kathimerini: "While on holiday I observed a group of boys who spent around ten hours on their tablets at the beach. They didn't even put a foot in the water. It would have made no difference if they were in an Internet café instead of on the island. But the fact that a whole generation is turning its back on nature is not just a consequence of the world's current dependence on gadgets and modern technology: we modern Greeks were never nature-lovers - even though people say we live in 'one of the most beautiful countries in the world'. Today, as in the past, we prefer to lie on the couch or sit in an Internet café rather than go for a walk or do sport. In a country with so many islands it's unbelievable that the young generation is more adept with the social media than at swimming."

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