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Poulsen, Henrik Day

Psychiater in Kopenhagen, bloggt in Berlingske

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Berlingske - Denmark | 27/10/2015

Lego's dumb refusal to sell to Ai Weiwei

Danish toy company Lego has refused to supply the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei with a large number of lego pieces, pointing to the political character of his art project. Henrik Day Poulsen describes this as a major mistake in his blog for the centre-right daily Berlingske: "If a commercial company produces a product it can't stipulate how that product is used. … Lego has taken a dangerous path. Its fear of being used for political purposes has given the affair a highly political dimension. Now Lego is being accused of not selling to Ai Weiwei because it doesn't want to annoy China. If Lego had just let him buy the pieces like everyone else it could have pointed out to China that everyone has the right to buy a company's products. … Lego has shot itself in the foot."

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