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Potočnik, Janez

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Delo - Slovenia | 20/09/2011

Industry and environment must be partners

In view of dwindling resources the Slovenian EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik calls in a commentary piece for the daily Delo on the economic sector to use less raw materials: "The solution to the shortage of resources we are now witnessing does not lie in slowing down economic growth but in using less and producing more. At the same time we must learn to use our products several times, repair them and recycle them. ...  We need a revolution in common sense. We should stop thinking only as far as tomorrow and start looking further into the future and change our methods of production and our consumption. The environmental activists and industry must bury their differences and work together as partners."

Delo - Slovenia | 30/10/2008

Janez Potočnik on the model of open innovation

In an opinion piece for the daily Delo Janez Potočnik, the EU Commissioner responsible for Science and Research from Slovenia, advocates an intensified exchange of knowledge within Europe: "We need freedoms that boost our creativity, our entrepreneurial spirit and our innovative potential. Knowledge is becoming the motor of the global economy. ... We continue to strongly advocate the fortification of the 'four freedoms of the EU': they guarantee citizens living in the member states freedom of movement, free movement of goods, free circulation of services and free movement of capital, but clearly the time has come to add a fifth freedom, free movement of knowledge. ... If we are looking for the best solution we are more likely to find it if we look in 27 countries and not just in one. ... The model of open innovation, which means that companies can freely seek the most comprehensive knowledge and the best qualifications independently of their location, strengthens the interaction between national governments and the private sector, ... for no country can secure highly qualified knowledge while at the same time producing knowledge in all areas. Performance in research and innovation can therefore only be optimal if we transcend national levels."

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