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Potocký, Erik

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Pravda - Slovakia | 10/06/2009

New party to build bridge between Slovaks and Hungarian minority

Béla Bugár, the former longstanding boss of the party of the Hungarian minority (SMK) has founded a new party open not only to people of Hungarian origin, but also to Slovaks. Bugár also enjoys a good reputation among so-called "pure" Slovaks, the leftist daily Pravda notes. It adds that with his Most-Híd [bridge] party "Bugár is entering new territory in Slovakia's political landscape. … The chairman of SMK [which has been the only Hungarian party up to now], Pál Csáky, has led the party into isolation even within the Slovak opposition. … But both camps [of Hungarian origin] are facing the dual threat of playing a zero-sum game and the end of their parliamentary membership. The upcoming local and parliamentary elections will reveal to what extent Bugár's intentions are genuine and how many of 'his own' voters and how many Slovak voters he will be able to convince. So far his project remains a bridge to the unknown."

Pravda - Slovakia | 13/02/2009

Dispute over smoking ban

In the Slovakian parliament the anti-smoking lobby has not only proposed a full ban on smoking in bars, but also on growing and selling tabacco. The left-leaning daily Pravda sneers at the idea: "Even separating buildings into smoking and non-smoking sections creates huge problems. It would be still more absurd to ban growing and selling tobacco just to serve the world as a model. Should tobacco be smuggled out of Afghanistan over the Balkan route in future, like other drugs? ... Let's ban bacon too, while we're at it - it raises cholesterol. Or cars and industry - they pollute the air. Or flush toilets - they cause harmful sewage. People should go back to living in forests and caves. And here's another argument for the nonsmokers: like the current global economic crisis tobacco also comes from America."

Pravda - Slovakia | 15/12/2008

Vulgar politicians

The left-leaning daily Pravda attacks the uncivil behaviour of politicians frequently to be observed in the Slovak parliament. "So far not a single MP has been penalised for making offensive remarks about a political opponent. Yet the parliamentary guidelines offer several possibilities for such a course of action, even if the fines in question are ridiculously low. The political scene is a reflection of society. The country has exactly the politicians it deserves. Vulgar expressions are commonplace in our society. And the behaviour of our politicians is just as vulgar. When they realise they can impress some of their voters with such behaviour they see no reason to change it. We all, and not just the politicians, should therefore pay more attention to the things we say on a daily basis."

Pravda - Slovakia | 05/12/2008

Local history in minority language

The Slovak parliament has complied with a request made by the Hungarian minority, notwithstanding resistance from the co-ruling right-wing extremist Slovak National Party (SNS): in local history schoolbooks, place names will be given in Hungarian followed by the Slovak designation in parentheses in future. The left-wing daily Pravda commends the decision: "After the lengthy Slovak-Hungarian disputes that were stirred up by extremists on both sides, this step taken by the strongest ruling party [Smer, led by Prime Minister Robert Fico] is a cold shower for the Hungarian nationalists. They have been deprived of their trump card. ... On the other hand Smer may be facing tough times within the coalition, above all with the SNS. But what does populist wrangling matter when the goal is to reduce tensions between two neighbouring states. As we can see, pragmatism has its advantages."

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