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Postelnicu, Andrei

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1.  Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 21/10/2009

Andrei Postelnicu on the Romanians' lack of self-irony

Andrei Postelnicu describes in the daily Evenimentul Zilei the inability of Romanians to make fun of themselves. "The ability to laugh at oneself is part ... » more

2.  Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 03/06/2009

Too few skilled workers on the Romanian job market

According to a study by the global firm Manpower International, Romania has an acute shortage of qualified workers. The daily Evenimentul Zilei writes: "Romania is ... » more

3.  Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 27/05/2009

A return of labour migrants?

Analysts and entrepreneurs have noted in the UK that the acute recession in the country is leading Eastern European labour migrants to return home. The ... » more

4.  Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 15/10/2008

Andrei Postelnicu on Romania's struggle with its past

Writing in the daily newspaper Evenimentul Zilei, Andrei Postelnicu examines the hidden dangers of the process of coming to terms with the past in Romania. ... » more

5.  Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 10/09/2008

The caravan moves on

Only recently, Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia moved production from a plant in the German city of Bochum to Jucu in Romania. Now Romania is ... » more

6.  Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 21/05/2008

Anti-capitalist voices

Andrei Postelnicu comments on statements by German President Horst Köhler, who a few days ago described the international finance industry as a "monster": "Even Silvio ... » more

7.  Capital - Romania | 25/04/2008

Good prospects for the Romanian economy

The British weekly The Economist has predicted that by the year 2020 Romania's economy will be as developed as that of Italy. Andrei Postelnicu comments: ... » more

8.  Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 05/12/2007

Hairdressers inspire greater trust than politicians

A recent survey showed that Romanians place little trust in their politicians. Andrei Postelnicu explains: "The Church is the institution in which the people place ... » more


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