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Poschardt, Ulf

Redakteur Welt / Welt am Sonntag

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Die Welt - Germany | 30/06/2015

Europe must stop doting on its problem children

Europe should part ways with its problem children and follow a self-assured path to economic excellence, the conservative daily Die Welt urges: "Instead of gingerly and guiltily defending economic success, the EU should proclaim even louder that the (for the most part) luxurious living standards in Europe must be fought for on a day-to-day basis in the global competition. For years Europe has hindered its own progress by caring - and paying - for its problem children, instead of developing itself as a high-wage region and cultural landscape where excellence is the order of the day. ... Europe is a cultural and economic success story. The majority of Europeans put ambition above redistribution. Hence European consolidation is only possible in the form of an association of sovereign - and in particular economically sovereign - states. Merkel must now do something she's not particularly good at: stop moderating and take a risk. She must put herself at the forefront of progress. With like-minded people for a Europe of excellence."

Die Welt - Germany | 15/07/2014

Footballers enhance Germany's image

After their World Cup victory in Brazil the German team will receive a rapturous reception at a fan fest in Berlin today, Tuesday. The conservative daily Die Welt stresses the positive impact the footballers have had on Germany's international image: "This team has done the same for the way the world and Germans perceive Germany as Willy Brandt did when he went down on his knees in Warsaw and Helmut Kohl did in Verdun. The team has become the most popular manifestation of what is seen as German both abroad and here in Germany. ... This team is less a confirmation of German policy or its charming double, as some would have it, than an exciting counterpoint to it. Löw's line-up was the ideal combination of team spirit and individuality. The collective triumphed in exploiting the full potential of each individual player."

Die Welt - Germany | 30/01/2012

Berlin plays bad cop

In demanding an EU budget commissioner for Athens Berlin is making itself even less popular, warns the conservative daily Die Welt: "A budget commissioner alone is of little use. ... Greece must set up an administration and a tax authority that meet Western standards. At the same time, like everywhere else in Europe, a basis for sustainable economic growth must be created. Greece can only regain its self-determination through growth. Even with no budget commissioner the Greek state can neither function nor make its own decisions without foreign help. It is up to Athens to improve things as swiftly as it can. It may be doubted whether the German plan for temporary foreign control over Greek finances would prompt the Greeks to recognise their faults. But as a provocation the plan for a budget commissioner has worked perfectly. Germany has accepted the role of the bad cop.

Welt am Sonntag - Germany | 08/02/2009

A bold move to Berlin for the Suhrkamp publishing house

The Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag welcomes the plans of Germany's renowned Suhrkamp publishing house to move from Frankfurt on Main to Berlin, saying this will give the city an intellectual boost: "Berlin's rich historical past still exerts a magnetic attraction on culture lovers all over the world 20 years after reunification. The decision not to resist this trend and to sacrifice the hermetic exclusiveness of the publishing house was a courageous move by the frequently disliked publisher [Ulla Unseld-Berkéwicz]. It is a step onto a highly varnished, over-popular stage that yearns for authentic players. Rumour has it that the publisher has sought out a location in battle-scarred Berlin that fits in well with the Suhrkamp tradition: The Nikolaihaus, built in 1670, was for centuries a meeting place for enlightened thinkers like Schadow and Schinkel. Next to it stands a rundown concrete pre-fab dating back to the GDR: a superb parcours for a house that publishes realist and deconstructionist works; bourgeois and ultra communist works alike."

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