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Pósa, Tibor

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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 20/02/2010

The Czech Republic a stronghold for drugs

In its weekend supplement the right-wing conservative paper Magyar Nemzet writes on the subject of the Czech Republic's liberal drug policy: "Since the beginning of 2010 the Czech Republic can boast of having the most liberal drug laws in Europe. No other European country tolerates the possession of such large amounts of drugs. On Czech territory everyone is allowed to carry 1.5 grammes of heroine, 1 gramme of cocaine and 15 grammes of marijuana. … Moreover the Czechs can grow their own cannabis - naturally in limited amounts. ... The liberalisation of the Czech drug policy has even surprised the West. ... In the context of this liberal drug policy it is hardly surprising that the Czech Republic excels in a European comparison when it comes to drug consumption. The country occupies a leading position for almost all drugs. And when it comes to marijuana consumption it is vying with the UK and France for the top position."

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 15/02/2010

Brussels is also responsible for Athens' plight

The EU has failed in its economic supervision of Greece, the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet complains, commenting on Greece's debt crisis: "This raises the inevitable question of what all the experts, advisors, statisticians, and economics departments including their directors are doing in the EU. The question is justified in that the EU has been duped by Greece for decades. Are the economic experts in Brussels just there to give their blessing to any economic data that is put under their noses? If Greece was able to fool those in charge at the EU in such a way shouldn't we be looking for the culprits of the current Greek situation in Brussels? ... As long as the people in Brussels are not held accountable for wrong decisions and omissions the EU will remain alien and suspect to European citizens. It certainly is at the moment."

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