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Pósa, Árpád

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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 12/11/2012

No to Tokaji from Slovakia

Aszú wine from Slovakian vineyards can also be sold under the appellation "Tokaji", provided it comes from the Tokaji wine region in Slovakia, the General Court of the Euorpean Union ruled on Thursday. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet is appalled, fearing that the genuine Hungarian brand will suffer internationally: "No one doubts that as a result of the borders drawn on the basis of the Treaty of Trianon (1920) a small corner of the historic Tokaji wine region is now in Slovakia. In all it's no more than a couple of villages and a few hectares of vineyards. ... Nevertheless: 'Aszú' is the only Hungarian quality wine that has also been successful on international markets. But how can it continue to be a success if right next door a wine with the same name is produced with much lower quality standards? The answer: it can't."

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